Learn about WebLearn reading lists

There will be a workshop entitled “Weblearn Reading lists and SOLO” which will be run by the Weblearn team on 13 July.  The new Weblearn – SOLO integration makes it much easier to create simple reading lists from SOLO, and … Continue reading

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‘History of Sakai’ book by Dr Chuck

The indomitable Dr Chuck has done it again! Sakai: Free as in Freedom, written by Charles Severance (the first Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation) is a personal view of the history of Sakai. The book is a thorough description … Continue reading

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IMS Basic LTI Outline

Thanks to Matthew Buckett for this post. Updated 26th Oct 2012 – the username is now passed via ext_sakai_provider_displayid IMS Basic LTI Basic LTI allows external tools to be integrated into an existing application such as a VLE. These application … Continue reading

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WebLearn SLD updated

The following has been added to the WebLearn SLD. 4.3 If a unit would like to use their own custom ‘skin’ then there will be a set-up charge and yearly charge to cover maintenance. (The reason for this is that … Continue reading

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How do non-Oxford users obtain and change their WebLearn password?

Account Activation When you are added to a WebLearn site with a non-Oxford email address, you will receive an email containing an ‘Invitation’ link which looks very much like this. Clicking on the ‘Accept this invitation’ link will open the … Continue reading

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750 Surveys have been held

As of today (1 June 2011) there have been 750 surveys delivered through WebLearn. The Survey tool went into its pilot phase during Michaelmas term 2009 but usage really took off when it went into production albeit as a ‘Beta’ … Continue reading

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