Office For Students report: “Beyond the bare minimum: Are universities and colleges doing enough for disabled students?”

I just received an email from Policy Connect about a recently published report by the Office for Students who reviewed Disability Support in UK HEIs. Here’s what they said.

The review has produced valuable evidence on the state of digital accessibility in HE – from accessibility statements, to documents on VLEs, to lecture capture captioning. It also recommends that digital accessibility be adopted a key indicator against which the sector will be judged.

The report is over 150 pages and digital accessibility is raised in several sections. Policy Connect will produce a digest of the key parts of the report but for now I’d recommend ctrl + F-ing for ‘digital’ ‘web’ and ‘caption’ to see some highlights.

That report again:

Keen-eyed readers may remember Policy Connect published a report by the “All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology” about accessibility and VLEs (such as WebLearn and Canvas)

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