An Improved Method of Linking Directly to a WebLearn Assignment

The latest release of WebLearn (version 11-ox15) has introduced a way of copying a link to the submission page of an individual assignment. This URL, which is meant to be used by students, will take one to the submission page for a specific assignment – staff will be taken to this page too.

This facility will allow a link to be made from the Canvas Modules tool (or any other page in Canvas) to the page In WebLearn where students can submit their formally assessed essays.

If you visit the list of Assignments in a WebLearn site and click on Copy Link then a pop-up will appear containing a short URL which can be copied and passed into Canvas. When clicked in Canvas a new browser tab will appear displaying the submission page. (If the user isn’t logged in to WebLearn, then the login page will appear first.)

The 11-ox15 release of WebLearn also included a handful of security fixes

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