Major WebLearn upgrade

WebLearn was upgraded on 3rd November 2009 to version 2.6-ox1. This was a major release and incorporates the new version of Sakai 2.6 (the software upon which WebLearn is based).

New Facilities – The Highlights

  • Upgrade to Sakai 2.6 (see below)
  • Addition of ‘Make Web Content Link’ to every item in Resources via the ‘Actions’ menu – this is an easy way to add a ‘Web Content’ link to a file or folder in Resources to the left-hand side tools menu
  • Addition of interactive participant group browser – this makes finding groups much easier
  • Office 2007 documents are now searched
  • Oxford term dates subscription now works; easier method of term dates display
  • New much improved ‘Site Stats’ tool (version 2)
  • ‘Switch role’ facility for ‘contribute’ and ‘access’ roles in published sites, (‘view site as a student’ facility)
  • Addition of ‘Podcasts’ tool
  • Notifications now user email account (instead of users can now reply to notifications.
  • Addition of ‘Nexus’ link on every page

Sakai 2.6 Fixes – Highlights

For the full list of fixes please visit:


  • Assignments
    • Improved integration with Schedule and Announcement; when an assignment opens, expose link to the assignment from schedule and announcement items.
  • Calendar Summary
    • Added indicator with number of events to each calendar day.
    • Correct icons now display
  • Resources

    • SAK-7670: Notification of items with release dates now made at release time
  • Worksite Setup/Site Info
    • Add option to import and replace content from another site (SAK-12433)
    • Create sites from templates (SAK-12868).
    • More configurable control over adding tools (e.g., Chat) multiple times to a site (SAK-7209)..
    • Upgrade to version 2.6.2, which brings in bug fixes and Safari and Opera support (SAK-13844).

More Information

There is a separate document containing a more detailed list of changes.

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