Create on-line surveys for free using new WebLearn!

You may be aware that OUCS are currently piloting new WebLearn’s Evaluations Tool with a view to introducing this tool in the 2010/2011 academic year.

The Evaluations tool allows the creation of on-line surveys which can be delivered to Oxford staff and students or to the general public. Such surveys may be used for course evaluation, obtaining feedback, questionnaires or general data gathering purposes.

The pilot is divided into two phases and most people who were involved in phase I have provided positive feedback about the tool. Now that the project has entered phase II we are choosing a further selection of units to participate.

What’s in it for me?

  • You will become an early adopter and will be able to save money and effort by replacing paper-based evaluations, questionnaires or forms with an on-line equivalent;
  • Your suggestions will be considered for improving the tool before it goes into production;
  • Discuss and share ideas with other members of the pilot;
  • Receive help and training in using the tool and running on-line surveys.

What will it involve?

  • Attending a free workshop at OUCS during wk5 HT2010 (18-Feb-2010 at 2pm);
  • Testing your survey(s);
  • Delivering your survey(s) to users; (the timing is such that we hope that you’ll be able to deliver your survey(s) to your students by the end of TT2010)
  • Viewing and processing your survey results
  • Providing feedback to the WebLearn team by completing a pilot project survey

Please let us know if you would like to participate in this pilot project by sending an email to at your earliest convenience.

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