New Version of WebLearn Released

Both WebLearn systems were upgraded on 19th January 2010, new WebLearn to 2.6-ox2 and old WebLearn to 2.32. New WebLearn incorporates the latest version of Sakai, v2.6.2.

New Facilities – The Highlights

  • Sites can be restricted to ‘All staff’, ‘All students’ and ‘All Oxford users’. Sites can also be restricted based on card status.
  • New version of the Tutorial Sign-up tool.
  • Old WebLearn MCQs can now be exported and imported into the Tasks, Tests and Surveys tool.
  • WebLearn will send an email notification of a new posting to a Forum.
  • Provision of an ‘Audit’ role within Administration Sites. This will allow individuals who are added with this role to visit all sites that are managed by the Administration Site in question.
  • Old WebLearn Structured Documents can now be exported as a single page (with optional index).
  • Sites can specify different permissions for ‘Anyone’ (ie, general public) and ‘All logged-in users’.
  • Updated copyright status: the previous copyright statuses were based on American terminology and were not particularly useful in the UK

Bug Fixes

  • URL of Reading List is now correct within ‘access view’ of resources.
  • All reported bugs in the Tutorial Sign-up tool have been fixed.
  • The RSS feed for public announcements no longer includes the site’s long description.

More Information

There is a separate document containing a more detailed list of changes.

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