Copying within the Evaluations (Survey) Tool

Thanks to Jill for this.

Test 1: Create NEW template. Create new survey based on that template. Edit a question in the template. There is NO CHANGE to that question in the existing survey – Good!

Test 2: COPY a template. Edit a question in the new template. Create new survey based on that template. Again, if you do further edits to questions in the TEMPLATE, there is NO CHANGE to the existing survey.

The confusing thing is within My Surveys – Edit. Under Survey Settings, there is an Edit link, which allows you to edit questions in your SURVEY via a temporary sort-of ‘buffer copy’ of the template. This is in fact editing a particular question in this survey only, which reflects nowhere else.

Advice to users: Do all your editing in the Template, and then the final thing is to create your survey. If you have to change a particular question a particular survey, you can do it via Edit Survey, but this change is reflected nowhere else, and the edited question can be used nowhere else.

Note: The Evaluations tool is currently in pilot (until July 2010). The WebLearn team must add it manually to a site.

Contact the WebLearn team if you are interested in using it for Course Feedback or Surveys.

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