Copyright course at OUCS – April 29th

Copyright, Creative Commons and Open Content course – April 29th

Are you involved in recording events, placing material on-line, using images for website or creating educational content ?  If so, then this course is for you!

Further details and booking on-line here:

This course will cover the basics of copyright, copyright and related rights with regard to audio visual content and copyright in an on-line environment. It will also introduce Creative Commons licenses and open content, helping you to find materials to re-use in your teaching and learning.

  1. Understanding copyright
  2. Restricted and permitted acts
  3. Moral rights and defamation
  4. Creative Commons movement
  5. Creative Commons licenses
  6. Finding Open Content
  7. Examples from OpenSpires and OpenLearn

The course is run by a copyright in education expert, and is offered at a very heavily subsidised rate through funding from the OpenSpires project – OpenSpires –

An excellent lunch is included and it’s a good chance to chat with your peers  and experts at OUCS

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