WebLearn Courses for TT 2010

Here are the course dates for WebLearn courses during Trinity Term 2010. Note that bookings on the courses database open 30 days in advance of each course: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/itlp/courses/

There is a new course on offer in conjunction with the Oxford Learning Institute: Learning and Teaching using technology tools, which is aimed at academic staff members. The WebLearn User Group is scheduled for the afternoon of 5 July. Besides the usual system updates, we will have a speaker from the Library talking about copyright issues, short presentations by two academics who use WebLearn to support teaching and learning, and a discussion on particular WebLearn tools.

WebLearn: Fundamentals

Tuesday 11 May 2-5 pm (week 3)

Monday 14 June 2-5 pm (week 8)

WebLearn: Migrating your content

Tuesday 25 May 2-5pm (week 5);

Monday 28 June 9.15-12:15 am (week 10)

WebLearn: Making your site work

Tuesday 8 June 2-5 pm (week 7)

WebLearn User Group

Monday 5 July 2-4:30 pm (week 11)

Evaluations Tool

Tuesday 18 May 9:15-11:15 am (week 4)

Learning and Teaching: using technology tools

Tuesday 4 May 2-5pm (week 2)

Plagiarism: WebLearn and Turnitin

Monday 7 June 12:30-13:30 (week 7)

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