A new survey tool is to be added to WebLearn

WebLearn is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, it provides a large array of tools to support teaching and learning and course administration.

A new survey tool will be made available at the start of the Long Vacation.

The tool allows anonymous responses to be submitted and provides a means of surveying named users for the purposes of course experience feedback, or delivering research and data collection surveys to named users or the general public. (An example of a data collection survey might be gathering dietary requirements and event or summer school.)

If a survey is delivered to named individuals, the system can send out regular reminders to recipients who have yet to complete the survey (frequency of reminders is either manual or can be configured by the survey author). Although the system can identify those participants who have not yet responded, it is not possible for the survey author to identify individual responses – this assurance of anonymity encourages more candid responses than might otherwise be offered.

Several reporting options are available to help the collation and analysis of participants’ responses. Once a survey is closed, the survey results can be viewed in WebLearn or exported in CSV, Excel or PDF format.

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