Conducting public surveys using WebLearn

WebLearn has a Beta version of a tool that can be used for conducting public surveys.

At the start of the Long Vacation, a new ‘Survey’ option will appear in the list of tools available to a WebLearn site. As well being useful for course and lecturer evaluation, this tool allows public surveys to be conducted.

The tool has an option to grant access to non-WebLearn users.  Respondents would access the survey via a link placed in an email or on a website.

The Survey tool allows a template to be created which can contain a variety of question types such a multiple choice, multiple response, Likhert scales and free text. At the point when the template is instantiated into a survey, it is possible to specify whether respondents need to log in to WebLearn or not.

Of course it goes without saying that all this free to members of the University!

Before the Long Vacation users must request that the tool be added by the central team. lease use the usual email address.

For more information about the tool have a look at

  1. my recent blog post
  2. a special site within WebLearn dedicated to the tool (NB the tool is currently known as the Evaluations tool but we will be changing the name)
  3. the WebLearn Guidance Site
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