Develop ‘Learning Objects’ for free with GLO Maker

GLO Maker is an authoring tool to design and develop learning objects (called ‘GLOs’).

GLO Maker is a powerful and user friendly tool to create new learning objects, or adapt and repurpose existing learning objects.

An author can prepare images, video clips, audio clips and then build activities by combining these resources. For example, display an image of a person, building, place or other artefact, incorporate audio commentary from experts, and build a quiz to text student understanding of the artefact.

Such learning objects can easily be imported and delivered via WebLearn.

The tool was demonstrated at the ‘Learning Design Bash’ held at OUCS on Friday 16 July, hosted by JISC.


  1. The main GLO Maker site is:
  2. The GLO Maker community site is:
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