Joining sites

We have made recently improvements to the process of becoming a member of a Joinable site.

What is a joinable site?

A: If you are not ‘manually’ adding members to your site then you should ensure that your site is joinable. This allows users to both join and leave at will.

Site Participants are included notifications and announcements so there are benefits to joining a site.

How do I get people to join a site?

A: If a site is set to be Joinable (either during site creation or via Site Info > Manage Access) and the site is only available to Site Participants, (in other words is not available to Anyone nor Logged in users,) then if a user tries to visit the site they will now be presented with an option to join.

If the site is available to Anyone and / or Logged in users then (obviously) they will be able to visit the site anyway and because of this they will not be asked if they wish to join. In this situation it is a good idea to add a prominent “Click here to join this site” link on the home page. The URL is constructed as follows<<siteid>>

where <<siteid>> is the long complex ‘site identifier’ that is generally hidden from the user interface.

An easy way of finding out this identifier is to look at the ‘web address’ of the root folder in Resources. This is found via the Actions menu, click on Edit Details and then copy the web address from near to the bottom of the page. The <<site id>> is contained within the URL and looks like cc2c88fe-a0fe-44d6-0046-89493362b2ac.

For this example the URL to join the site is:

There is also a manual for students to join sites:

  1. go to My Workspace
  2. click the Membership tool on the left
  3. on the Membership page, click Joinable Sites
  4. from the list of the Joinable sites, click on the site to join
  5. the user will now be a member of the site.
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