A much better way of migrating content from Old WebLearn

We have recently introduced a much improved method of moving content out of Old WebLearn and in to New WebLearn. This method employs IMS Content Packages (IMS CP) as a transport medium. This has the advantage of preserving HTML descriptions from the old system.

All previous methods of migration still work as before, however, we would recommend this new way especially if the material is not to be reorganised before being added to new WebLearn.

We advise you move your material in chunks; login to old WebLearn and navigate to a suitable point in your tree and begin the migration process:

  1. Click ‘Export content’ in the ‘Resource Options menu
  2. Accept the default settings and click the  ‘Export’ button on the next page – save the file on your desktop


The resultant Content Package contains a special file called a ‘manifest’ – this contains metadata about the rest of the ZIP file.


Your material has now been moved out of old WebLearn, to move into new WebLearn, create, or navigate to, a site and add the ‘Resources’ tool:

  1. Click on ‘Site Info’
  2. Click the ‘Import from file’ link
  3. Click the ‘Browse’ button and locate the file you just exported, then click ‘Import’


On the resultant page:

  1. Select all items in the left-hand list and click ‘>’ to move them to the right-hand window
  2. Click ‘Copy Materials’ – this may take a while to complete
  3. When all is complete, visit Resources and check that all is as expected.


You still have to move quizzes separately.

There are a lot more possibilities to consider when migrating you materials, we would strongly recommend that you attend our (free) course to find out more.


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  2. ITLP Migration course notes
  3. IMS CP
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