TurnItIn2 – overview of changes

This is from the TurnItIn newsletter and refers to the submit.ac.uk service.

Turnitin now has a new interface and a number of new features. For many it has been a welcome change, and for others there may be a learning curve. For people who are not quite ready to make the switch, it is easy to go back to the older, more familiar versions of the Originality Report and GradeMark. At this point, over 80% of users are using the NEW version of the Turnitin2 Originality Report and GradeMark tools.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

Document Viewer Frame

The Turnitin tools are available in a unified view allowing you to see a paper in its original format PLUS multiple sources of feedback all at once. You can view the Originality Report matches and GradeMark comments in superimposed layers on an image of a paper in its original format; PeerMark feedback will be accessible from this unified view soon. Now, an instructor can see the highlighted matches from an Originality Report while simultaneously grading the paper with GradeMark.


Tabs for user information, help, and feedback now appear along the top right section of your screen. Access to your libraries, calendars and discussion boards is provided by the tabs in the upper left of your screen along the top of the main activity area.

Assignment Inbox

Changes to the assignment inbox include:

  1. The GradeMark apple icon has been replaced by a “comment bubble” icon and a grade icon.
  2. The “submit” button has been relocated below the assignment title.
  3. Assignment settings are now easily accessible through a link labeled “assignment settings.”
  4. Arrows for navigating between pages of the inbox appear at the top and bottom of the inbox.
  5. Actions like “Delete”, “Move to…” and “Download” only appear if one or more papers are selected with the check boxes.


The QuickMark Manager and Rubric Library for GradeMark are now available from the “Libraries” tab in the instructor’s view of the class. Now, instructors can create sets of commonly used marks and rubrics before the first paper is submitted to an assignment.

Getting to know Turnitin2

  1. Comprehensive web page about Turnitin 2 http://submit.ac.uk/static_jisc/ac_uk_what_is_new.html
  2. 4-minute Walk-through Video http://turnitin.com/static/support_video_gallery_walkthrough.html
  3. Live Walk-through Schedule (pdf) http://submit.ac.uk/resources/documentation/turnitin/training/Turnitin_Daily_Training.pdf
  4. Quickstart Guides http://submit.ac.uk/static_jisc/ac_uk_training.html
  5. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Turnitin2 (pdf) http://submit.ac.uk/resources/documentation/turnitin/sales/Turnitin2_FAQ_UK.pdf
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