WebLearn has been upgraded

Two new versions of WebLearn have recently been released: 2.6-ox4.1 on Tuesday August 17th 2010 and 2.6-ox5.0 on Tuesday September 7th 2010


  • Introduction of an option to send an email to the student when quiz is complete (Tests tool)
  • New improved email messages for Survey tool
  • Introduction of a new tool which will allow graduate students within the MPLS and Social Sciences Division to register for courses via WebLearn. This tool will be made available for general use at the end of September.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent handling of HTML in Access View of Resource descriptions
  • IMS CP: importer now gets correct descriptions from manifest
  • IMS CP: nested zip files no longer expanded by default
  • HTML is no longer filtered when editing Site Description (Home Page) via Site Info > Edit Site Information. This ‘bug’ caused the home page to be rewritten upon saving, one of the side effects was to force all hyperlinks to open new windows
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