A Report Investigating the Effectiveness of the Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Service

A report has recently been released about the use of Turnitin in terms of its effectiveness.

The White Paper “The Effectiveness of Turnitin and WriteCycle” (White Paper from turnitin.com, 2009) reports on the use of Turnitin worldwide in helping to “reduce serious incidents of unoriginal content in student work and to produce better writers across the entire curriculum” (p.3). Continued use of the system can help to support students in developing responsible writing skills in a “cut-and-paste culture” (p.3).

The research results reveal that when secondary schools and institutions of higher education use Turnitin consistently and over a period of years, students become better writers and researchers who make more appropriate use of outside source materials.

A two page summary of the effectiveness of Turnitin is also available.

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