Advice for universities on student plagiarism (JISC)

News release: 31 March 2011

Advice for universities on student plagiarism

The Academic Integrity Service (AIS), managed by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) with JISC, has today published a report to enable higher education institutions to review and develop their policies relating to student plagiarism.

“Policy works: recommendations for reviewing policy to manage unacceptable academic practice in higher education”, includes an overview of previous guidance and research work on this topic.

The report then focuses on 12 recommendations that can be used by staff to aid the review and continued development of institutional policy including:

  • establishing a cross-institutional group;
  • making explicit the responsibilities of the institution, staff and students;
  • considering terminology and definitions;
  • providing detailed procedures for reporting and managing cases;
  • establishing a set of penalties and associated guidance.

Dr Erica Morris, senior adviser at the HEA and lead author of the report, said: “There are many challenges facing higher education and students may well have higher expectations about their experience at university in the future.

More than ever before it’s vital that HEIs have up-to-date policies in place for managing issues including student plagiarism, collusion and data fabrication.

“The recommendations in this report can be used or adapted by universities and colleges to suit their own particular academic integrity needs.  Each of the recommendations is illustrated with examples and case studies so lecturers and policy makers across the sector can benefit from the experiences of others.

“All institutions take academic integrity seriously, and this report will provide practical information on how they can continue to review and develop their policies for managing unacceptable academic practice.”

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