An odd calendar problem

A student from Medical Sciences contacted us with a weird problem – I thought it may be useful to write about this in case others are interested. I paraphrase slightly.

The problem

“If I view the calendar on the Clinical Neurology site I see lecture events for Ophthalmology and Neurology (plus others) but looking at My Workspace ‘schedule’ page I only see the Neurology lectures.”

My response to the student

Your problem seems complicated, I’m not sure that there is a bug, if there is one we’re not sure where it lies!

Should you be seeing the Ophthalmology events in the Neurology site and in your My Workspace OR should you not be seeing the Ophthalmology events in either? Or is what is happening actually correct?

Regarding the Ophthalmology site, you are not a member of this site but you can navigate to it (technically speaking it has the .auth permission), in other words you are not a site participant but you are allowed to visit it and so are able to see the events in its calendar.

In the Neurology  site, the owner has decided that its calendar should display both the Neurology events and the Ophthalmology events (plus others as it happens). (It is possible to say “I want events from the following calendars to be overlaid on this site’s calendar”, this is done using the Merge facility – this is how Neurology has been configured.)

So when you look at Neurology you see events for both Neurology and Ophthalmology.

My Workspace calendar is supposed to collate all events from all sites where you are a participant so it should be showing Neurology events but not Ophthalmology events. This is what seems to be happening.

But, the owner of the Neurology site has decided that you are probably interested in Ophthalmology events so should this be enough for the My Workspace calendar to decide to display the events?

To be sure this is confusing to you, the user!

The solution?

To cut to the chase, I think the solution is to add all Medical Science students as participants to all the sites whose calendars are merged into Clinical Neurology.

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