WebLearn for Teaching course: 19 May, 2-5pm

Course Title

WebLearn: for Teaching (booking is required)


Jill Fresen and Robin Hill

Aim of the course

To explore WebLearn tools that are designed specifically to support teaching and learning in the electronic environment, as a supplement to face-to-face teaching and tutoring.

Course Description

This course focuses on WebLearn tools for tutors and lecturers to use in communicating with students, booking tutorial sessions, creating reading lists, organising and creating learning materials, designing tests, conducting course evaluation surveys, and tracking site usage. The WebLearn Fundamentals course (or experience in using new WebLearn) is a prerequisite.

Key topics

By the end of this course you will be able to use the following tools, at least to a basic level, and be able to explore more about their advanced features:

  • Mail tools (Email Archive, Mailtool)
  • ‘Lessons’ tools (e.g. Syllabus, HTML pages, eXe)
  • Reading lists tool
  • Oxford podcasts tool
  • Timed release of materials
  • Tutorial signup tool
  • Site Stats (tracking and reporting)
  • Tests tool (brief overview)
  • Surveys tool (brief overview)


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