WebLearn Announcements now available via Mobile Oxford

The Mobile Oxford team have now added the Announcements tool to their WebLearn area.

Clicking on the Announcements link in Mobile Oxford will collate all announcements from all sites where the user is a participant and display them in a list. Public announcements will also be shown.

The first time you log in via Mobile Oxford you will be asked for your Oxford SSO username and password and will be asked to authorise the Mobile Oxford service to act a go-between between WebLearn and your phone. (This is done using a technology called ‘oAuth’.)

Your phone communicates with Mobile Oxford which then accesses WebLearn on your behalf, reformats or builds special pages and then sends them back to your phone.

If you lose your phone or want to stop Mobile Oxford acting on your behalf then use WebLearn’s regular interface and navigate to your ‘My Workspace‘, click on the ‘Trusted Applications‘ link on the left-hand side and remove Mobile Oxford from your list of trusted applications.


  1. Mobile Oxford
  2. oAuth


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Announcements facility with Mobile Oxford will not work until 9am on Tuesday 12 July 2011.

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