Teaching with Sakai webinar 21/11/11 at 8pm

You are invited to register for the upcoming Teaching with Sakai webinar series: Wikifolios, Wikiflections, & Exams for Online Participation, Understanding & Achievement Monday, November 21, 2011 8pm (3 pm EST; noon PST)

Daniel Hickey (Indiana University – Bloomington) is teaching fully online graduate education courses.  He aligns three learning practices using IU’s OnCourse version of the Sakai course management system:

  • “Wikifolios” and wiki commenting foster participatory culture around disciplinary ideas
  • “Wikiflections” provide efficient formative and summative assessment of understanding
  • Timed online exams support external accountability and document course improvement

This webinar will illustrate how these practices are used in his Cognition & Learning in Education course.  It will also introduce the underlying “Designing for Participation” model and point to other faculty using this model in undergraduate Telecommunications and Freshman Composition courses.

Teaching with Sakai Webinar Series

The Teaching with Sakai webinar series highlights effective teaching practices using Sakai.  Each webinar in the series begins with a 20 minute presentation followed by facilitated discussion.

We hope to see you online!

Kim Eke, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Jon Hays, University of California-Berkeley

Kate Ellis, Indiana University-Bloomingon

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