New WebLearn was upgraded on 10th January 2012 to version 2.6-ox10

New WebLearn was upgraded on 10th January 2012 to version 2.6-ox10. We had intended to move to 2.8-ox1 but unfortunately have had to delay this again, this time until the Easter 2012 release. Many apologies for the delay.


Surveys Beta

  • The owner of a template can be changed. This is the most frequently requested feature enhancement and will effectively allow the authoring of Survey Templates to be a collaborative process. Templates can now easily be passed from user to user.
  • Appropriate options in the ‘Question-level settings’ on the ‘Assign Survey’ page are now greyed out if the respondent does not have to login.
  • Improved error message when survey assignees do not have a WebLearn account
  • When a template is a copied, an annotated duplicate of the original questions now appears in the owner’s question bank

Calendar Subscriptions

  • Explanatory text has been added about subscribing to one’s My Workspace calendar
  • Events from merged calendars are now part of the subscribe link
  • One can subscribe via the synoptic view of the schedule

Student Enrolment System

  • It is now possible to receive a daily digest of all email messages
  • Students can be approved by clicking in a link in an email (rather than having to visit the SES site)
  • There is a publicly accessible Graduate Training WebLearn site containing most courses
  • Modules can now be categorised according to the Researcher Development Framework
  • It is possible to require ‘sign-off’ from a department’s finance officer, so-called ‘third-level acceptance’
  • Modules can be set to not require supervisor approval
  • We have fixed a number of minor bugs.
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