WebLearn upgraded to 2.8-ox1.1: Known Issues

WebLearn was now been upgraded to version 2.8-ox1.1 on Tuesday 19 June 2012 – this release fixed most of the issues detailed on the 2.8-ox1 Known Issues page which is now redundant. This page completely replaces the above-mentioned page.

If you find new problems then please let us know via weblearn@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

Known Issues

Non site participants can no longer see any Forums

Only site members are able to see Forums and the topic and Threads contained therein.

A work-around is to make sites where this is a problem joinable. You are advised to remove access to all groups apart from site participants as this will mean that anybody who visits the site automatically becomes a site member. Failure to remove access from ‘All logged in users’ (& the like) will mean that people can visit the site but must go into Site Info and click a button to be come site members which is quite awkward.

Before the upgrade to 2.8-ox1 ‘Logged in users’ users used to be able to see forums that were supposed to be hidden from them. I suspect the new situation is a rather ham-fisted attempt to fix that bug.

Attachments cannot be opened from within Email Archive tool if the message has been sent via Email Sender tool

The Email Archive tool saves all messages sent via a particular site’s email distribution list. These messages may contain attachments, however, these attachments cannot be opened from within the Email Archive tool if (and only if) the  Email Sender tool has been used to send the message and the option to “Add to Email Archive, visible to all site participants” has been selected. (Note the Email Sender tool replaces the Mailtool which disappeared with our move to version 2.8 of WebLearn.)

There best work-around is to manually upload the attachment into Resources and include the URL within the body of the email message. You can even use the new ‘Short URL’ facility which is found on the Edit Details page of a particular resource!

Drop Box Notifications

Users no longer get the option to send a notification when uploading a file to a Drop Box. This can be fixed by visiting the Drop Box tool in the site, clicking on the Options link and selecting “ This is not a bug but merely a ‘new feature’.

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