WebLearn upgraded to version 2.8-ox6

New WebLearn was upgraded on 16th July 2013 to version 2.8-ox6. For more detailed information and other minor changes, please looked at the detailed release notes.


  • All sites now use CK Edit (except Surveys Beta tool) – this is a much improved rewrite of the previous WYSIWYG HTML editor and handles text pasted from Word in a much better way. The editor now works on an iPad but there may be issues with MSIE 10
  • The reading List availability service has been fixed (by the Bodleian libraries)
  • The Arrange Site > Redirects facility has an improved user interface.
  • Improved “Moving site” page
  • Drop box now available on additional verification (AV) sites
  • The CLA copyright notice text (in Resources) has been improved

Graduate Training Tool (SES)

  • Brand new search facility (searching now performed on the server which should address problems with Internet Explorer)
  • A new search facet “Delivery Method” has been added
  • Non logged in users asked to login in order to see sign-up button
  • On Browse by Department’ page, the ‘Previous’ folder now only displays courses that are less than a year old and will not contain currently running courses
  • A new ‘Lecturers View’ page has been added, lecturers can now see all students enrolled on their courses
  • Courses with multiple presentations now only appear once in the ‘Browse by Department’ tree

Bug Fixes

  • In signup tool, the username of an attendee now exported rather than the internal Sakai ID
  • The bug in the hierarchy service which caused one to jump to a different instance of a sub-site in a separate location in the hierarchy has now been fixed
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