New WebLearn welcome page

We are building a new Welcome page which will appear at in time for the new academic year. Feedback from students last year in the WebLearn Student Experience project indicated that students ignore the current front page, since it links to the WebLearn Guidance site which is designed primarily as help and guidance for staff members building WebLearn sites.

The WebLearn Guidance site will still be available via a link on the new Welcome page, as well as from the sub-sites link in the left hand hierarchy of sub-sites.

The new Welcome page is designed with clear areas for Students and Staff, as well as a ‘Get Started’ area for new WebLearn users. A brand new feature is the “Suggest a system improvement” option, which links to “User Voice” – a forum of suggestions for enhancements that will be monitored by the central WebLearn team and considered, depending on feasibility and the weight of user votes. Another new feature is the “Did you know” panel, which highlights useful things about WebLearn, that users may not be aware of, with links to further information. We are confident that the new page design will not only make existing help materials more prominent and easier to find, but will also meet needs expressed by students to enhance their WebLearn experience.

Here is a preview of the new Welcome page which will shortly be launched:


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