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These questions were raised at the WebLearn Bytes: Surveys lunch time session on 29 October 2013:

Q: I know I can tick a box to allow respondents to change their answers (on the Survey settings page). How does this work in practice and can they come back later to change their answers?
A: Yes, as long as the survey requires login, and the closing date has not passed, the respondent can partially complete the survey, and click ‘Submit’. Then they can come back to complete it at a later stage (and change any answers they wish to change).

Q: There is an option to repeat the survey questions to evaluate all the tutors or lecturers in a WebLearn site (those in the site with the maintain or contribute role). How can I test this to make sure that it inserts their respective names, instead of ‘Instructor 1’, ‘Instructor 2’ etc.?
A: As the survey creator, when you preview the survey, it will present the set of questions for each instructor, but labelled ‘Instructor 1’, ‘Instructor 2’ etc. [Note: If a site contains administrative/IT support staff with the maintain/contribute role, their names will appear in the survey too. The way around this is to make such maintainers/contributors inactive via Site Info before you assign the survey to a site.]   
To test how it works in practice:

  • You must have assigned the survey to a WebLearn site – this will not work with an ad-hoc group.
  • There must be at least two users in the site with the access role (to preserve anonymity).
  • There must be at least one tutor/lecturer in the site with the maintain or contribute role.  
  • Add yourself in the site with the access role, using say, your gmail or hotmail account.
  • Log in with your gmail (or other) account.
  • Go to your Survey Dashboard (via the Surveys tool in your test site), click the survey title and make sure that the relevant instructor names have been inserted as expected.

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