Proposal: Prevent the removal of ‘read’ access from Resources

In our Easter upgrade, we propose to put measures in place to stop site managers from removing the ‘Read resources’ permission within the Resources Tool.

The reason for this is that over the last couple of years we have had a number of complaints from users which have been as a direct result of the removal of this permission – it is a little known fact that all attachments associated with a site (including Assignments tool submissions) are effectively stored in a hidden ‘attachments’ folder in Resources.

Removing the ‘Read resources’ permission has a number of undesirable side-effects including:

  • all attachments become unreadable, the affects Schedule, Announcements, Email Archive and so on
  • Assignments tool submissions misbehave
  • HTML pages stored in Resources become inaccessible
  • the Home page may become unreadable


If you think that this action will cause problems on one or more of your sites then please contact us:

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