List of WebLearn Coordinators

As previously proposed, we have now switched to using an automatically generated list of WebLearn coordinators.

To do this we have visited each and every administration site and assigned the ‘coordinator’ role to the people that we believe to be Local WebLearn Coordinators. The following link will display coordinators for all administration sites: <>

May we kindly request that you check that we have the correct details for your department or college? If we do not then please accept our apologies. To fix any problems, you should modify the membership and / or roles in your Administration Site – there is no need to inform us of any changes that you make.

The “wl-coordinators-announce maillist” will not be used in future. Members of that list who are not WebLearn Coordinators have been added to the WebLearn User group site so will still receive important announcements.

Please do get in touch (via the usual channels) if you have any questions about this or any other areas of WebLearn.

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