WebLearn OxTALENT Awards

The annual OxTALENT Awards are presented each June. The deadline for entries is mid-day 16th May 2014.

This year we are pleased to announce six open award categories, and we encourage you or your colleagues to enter examples of Oxford Teaching And Learning Enhanced by New Technology. In particular, we are seeking innovative ways of using WebLearn to support and enrich the student learning experience.

This year’s categories are:

  • Use of WebLearn to support teaching, learning, or outreach
  • Apps and mobile technologies
  • Student IT Innovation
  • Videos created independently by students in support of their learning, research or teaching
  • Conference posters
  • Interactive infographics

Winners will be profiled on IT Services and other University websites, interviewed by the University podcasting team to produce a case study, and receive a prize at the red-carpet awards ceremony in June.

This is an opportunity to have your creativity recognised, so take a look at the details for each category and how to enter, at http://tinyurl.com/oxtalent2014.

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