WebLearn upgraded to version 2.10-ox1.3 on 18 November 2014

WebLearn was upgraded on 18th November 2014 to version 2.10-ox1.3. If you want more details then please contact the WebLearn Team. For more detailed information and other minor changes, please looked at the detailed release notes.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


  • The pop up help has been partitioned into ‘Student’ and ‘Instructor’ guides and has been reorganised so that tools have their correct names and there are no entries for tools that are not offered at Oxford
  • Humanities courses now appear in the Researcher Training Tool
  • Improved error message when an assignment cannot be routed via Turnitin
  • My Dashboard has been changed back to My Workspace (as users found it confusing)
  • The Contact Us Tool has been improved
  • Opting to hide yourself in a site (My Workspace > Preferences > Privacy) will prevent your name being listed as a site contact for content-related problems
  • The Quick Links menu now behaves just like the My Sites menu
  • Lessons tool can now include quizzes from the Tests tool
  • Improvements have been made to the top banner so that the height can be reduced if desired

Bug Fixes

  • Attachments are now correctly stored in the archive when sending an email with attachments to the Email Archive
  • The new(ish) WYSIWYG (rich-text) editor is now available for the Surveys Beta tool in Internet Explorer 11
  • The Researcher Training Tool (RTT) Module Administration page now works correctly with Internet Explorer 11
  • An email is no longer sent when a site is created
  • The problems with the Site Members tool should now be fixed
  • The Forums tool will no longer send out an email containing three identical messages
  • Appearance in Internet Explorer 11 of the work “Minimise” when you scroll has been supressed
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