Call for Entries: 2015 Teaching with Sakai (aka WebLearn) Innovation Award


Announcement from the TWISA Committee

The Sakai Teaching and Learning community is seeking submissions for the 2015 Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) competition. The award recognizes innovation and excellence in technology-supported teaching, academic collaboration, and student engagement.

We look forward to entries from those using the Sakai CLE (known locally as WebLearn).

Award categories include:

  • Higher Education: Face-to-Face
  • Higher Education: Fully On-line or Hybrid Course
  • Project Sites & Alternative Uses of Sakai

This year, the selection process will consist of two phases.

Phase 1:Optional abstract submission for feedback and preliminary review

Opening Date:  Dec 4, 2014. Deadline: Jan 15, 2015

Each applicant will submit a brief description of his/her project and of the innovative teaching method, practice or strategy to be considered for the final award.

Applicants will receive feedback on their abstracts, from the TWSIA committee, by Jan 30, 2015.

Participation in Phase 1 is not required for participation in Phase 2, however, the three questions on the abstract submission form will help applicants when they move on to the full application process.

Those who submit a preliminary abstract can incorporate feedback from the TWSIA committee in their final application.

To submit an abstract, please use the optional abstract submission form (

Phase 2: Final submission (required of all applicants)

Opening Date: Dec 3, 2014. Deadline: March 20, 2015

Each applicant will submit an in-depth description of the innovative teaching method, practice or strategy and indicate how it addresses the award criteria.  Application forms and information on award categories, a definition of innovation, criteria and rubrics are at:

Winners will be announced in early April 2015 and recognized at the Open Apereo 2015 Conference in Baltimore MD.  Conference dates are May 31 to June 3, 2015.

Registration and travel expenses may be available for award winners.

Contact: Salwa Khan, TWSIA Committee Chair at

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