WebLearn Improved Student Experience (WISE) project

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The WISE project will support departments, faculties, colleges and units to fast-track the development and improvement of their WebLearn presence in order to deliver an enhanced (and consistent) student digital experience, as per recommendations from previous projects.

The project aims to increase the uptake and optimise the use of WebLearn by units across the university, to support teaching and learning. Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To promote staff engagement with the tools and features offered by WebLearn to enrich teaching and learning
  • To enhance the student WebLearn experience
  • To work closely with selected units to fast-track their use of WebLearn for teaching and learning
  • To facilitate the use of WebLearn according to best practice
  • To provide improved tools and templates to support best practice
  • To establish a peer community of WebLearn champions (enthusiasts)

The funding will allow the central WebLearn team to employ two fixed-term learning technologists to work closely with departments, as well as developer resources to focus on technical enhancements and unit-specific templates.

The proposed package of dedicated support will encompass the following (at no cost to departments):

  • Day 1: fact finding to get the know the unit and existing teaching and learning needs that may be met via WebLearn
  • Day 2: meeting, white-boarding, planning, with input from stakeholders and experts in the unit
  • Days 3-4: WebLearn team produces a prototype of the design and a template WL site for  the unit
  • Day 5: present and discuss the prototype with stakeholders and experts in the unit
  • Days 6-8: WebLearn team develops the site/s with required features and content provided by the unit
  • Days 9-10: Evaluation of and adjustments to the site/s, together with stakeholders and experts in the unit, and signoff.

Please contact weblearn@it.ox.ac.uk with the subject line ‘WISE project’ to express your interest in participating in the project.

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