WebLearn upgraded to Version 2.10-ox2.1 on 19 February 2015

WebLearn was upgraded on 19th February 2015 to version 2.10-ox2.1. If you want more details then please contact the WebLearn Team. For more detailed information and other minor changes, please looked at the detailed release notes.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.

The following list also includes some issues that were fixed on 10th January as part of the 2.10-ox1.4 release.

Improvement / New Features

  • Surveys can now be transferred to a new owner (User Voice request)
  • Lessons Tool: new Forum Topics can now be created (User Voice request)
  • Direct Tool link (Short URL) to a Lessons tool page is now present (User Voice request)
  • Google Analytics support has now been added – we intend to use this to report on how WebLearn is being used
  • The ‘Contact Us’ tool email now includes the URL that the user was trying to visit – this is important when the user has been given an incorrect URL or is not a member of the site at the end of the URL
  • Softly Deleted Sites are now retained for 400 days – the Recycle Bin for deleted sites is available in My Workspace > Worksite Setup
  • Deleted files in Resources are now retained for 400 days – the Recycle Bin for Resources is available via a link at the top of the Resources Tool

Bug Fixes

  • The “Lock Tool” icon has now been removed and tools which have previously been hidden via the “Light Bulb” icon can now be unhidden.
  • New lines are no longer being auto-inserted in the description of a Resource
  • Assignment Tool: Turnitin reports will now not erroneously show the blue (0%) icon for resubmissions
  • Poor formatting of Forum posts is now fixed
  • Direct Tool (Short) URLs will now work correctly for all tools
  • Problems with accessing files using Internet Explorer 8 should now be resolved
  • The ‘Contact Us’ tool should now work for sites where a maintainer has apostrophe in their name
  • Foreign characters are now correctly saved by the WYSIWYG HTML editor
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