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Recently Steve and Xav from the WISE project (WebLearn Improved Student Experience) went to Mansfield College to meet three lecturers in Theology to discuss the development of their teaching spaces in WebLearn. It was beneficial for the learning technologists to meet with academics and discuss their particular needs, with the aim of supporting student learning. Work is underway to launch their new teaching spaces for Michaelmas Term 2015.

Prof. Joel Rasmussen explained how he wishes to build his WebLearn site around some of his main papers, and also to use the Turnitin plagiarism awareness tool.

“Here is my reading list for tutorials for ‘Issues in Theology, 1789-1921’, as well as an overview of my lecture series supporting the paper entitled ‘Western Christianity and Modern Culture, 1789-1921’, to give you a sense for my primary undergraduate teaching responsibilities. I teach other papers as well (Kierkegaard, Philosophy of Religion, Modern Theology), but this is really the heart of my work, so I’d wish to build my Weblearn teaching site around it.”

“Many thanks for this. The mock up looks great. … , what you’ve done thus far looks very user-friendly and visually good — strong work!”

Dr Donovan Schaefer also wishes to develop his teaching site and make use of more of the pedagogical tools offered by WebLearn:

“This is where Weblearn is so effective–because unlike Blackboard or Moodle it’s highly configurable and can be set up in any number of different ways.”

Xavier and Steve

The Wise Guys at Mansfield College

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