WebLearn upgraded to version 2.10-ox4

WebLearn was upgraded on 4th August 2015 to version 2.10-ox4. If you want more details then please contact the WebLearn Team. For more detailed information and other minor changes, please looked at the detailed release notes.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


This release sees WebLearn move to a brand new source of course and unit groups. This new service (‘Group Store’) has a better naming scheme and more accurate membership.  This has been a major piece of work.

For course groups it partitions (non-rusticated) suspended students into a separate group – you will notice that when you add a course group, a certain proportion of the students will be given the ‘suspended’ role. Every WebLearn site contains the ‘suspended’ role and the rights that these students are assigned have been set up in collaboration with the Education Committee.

Unit groups are now more granular and there are groups for a unit’s staff and also for students.

We have spent many hours comparing the membership of groups between the old and new systems and are convinced that the new groups are correct, however, would ask that you take time to check that groups on your sites appear to be correct. Please let us know if you have concerns.

  • The Quick Links menu now includes Oxford talks, behaves in the same way as the My Sites menu (User Voice suggestion), is ordered alphabetically and uses individual service logo icons for clarity
  • Sign-up tool: reminder email no longer comes from postmaster@weblearn.ox.ac.uk, it comes from the organiser
  • Site Members tool no longer ignores privacy status (“Hide me in this site”)
  • Copying a reading list within a site is now possible
  • The presentation of reading lists has been greatly improved with thumbnails of book covers where available
  • Resources that are not visible to access users due to timed-release are now greyed out in ‘access view’ (User Voice suggestion)
  • The label of “Site Info > Manage Subgroups > Joinable Set” has been changed to to “Joinable Group” – a Joinable Group is a subgroup that a student can elect to join if they see fit
  • Files uploaded from within the Lessons tool are now stored in a hidden sub-folder in resources
  • The number of files that can be uncompressed from with a zipfile has been increased to 10,000
  • Researcher Training Tool
    • A number of bugs have been fixed
    • SES has been changed to to RTT in emails that the system sends out
    • OLI have been added as a training provider
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