WebLearn upgraded on 6th October 2015 to version 2.10-ox7

WebLearn was upgraded on 6th October 2015 to version 2.10-ox7. If you want more details then please contact the WebLearn Team.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


  • There have been numerous improvements to the new-look Reading Lists. The student’s view page now contains all information and the layout has been improved.
  • The ‘Upload New Version’ facility in Resources now compares the name of the uploaded file with the File Name (instead of Display Name) – it will warn if the new version has a different name to the file that it is replacing
  • Researcher Training Tool: the link to “My Modules” in the email reminder now leads to the correct page
  • The Calendar tool’s “Publish” pages now clarify the window of events that are exported (-6 months to +12 months)
  • OXAM now allows 8 character paper codes
  • For TurnItIn-enabled assignments, students are now informed if they try to upload an attachment of a file type that is not supported by TurnItIn
  • Dates can now be manually entered in addition to being set up via the ‘date widget’ – this is for most but not all tools
  • In My Workspace > Preferences, the notification options under Email Archive are now clearer
  • The Lynda.com personal home page has been added to WebLearn’s “Quick Links” drop down list
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