WebLearn upgraded to Version 2.10-ox11 on 22 March 2016

WebLearn was upgraded  to version 2.10-ox11 on 22nd March 2016. If you would like more details then please contact the Service Desk.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


  • Introduction of IMS LTI-based TurnItIn Integration – this will be piloted with users over the next couple of months and will replace the current integration over the Long Vac 2016
  • Group management improvements
    • For Participant Groups representing courses, the students who will be assigned the ‘suspended’ role are shown separately (so it’s clear which groups and which students are being adding to a site),
    • Once added, the suspended and current student groups are both explicitly listed with a single ‘Remove’ button,
    • it is no longer possible to add a Participant group and assign it the ‘suspended’ role – this was a bug
  • The wording of the ‘Welcome to WebLearn’ email message has been improved
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