WISE working in WebLearn

The WebLearn Improved Student Experience (WISE) project is working with departments to fast-track the design (or re-design) of WebLearn structures, sites, content and learning materials. The aim of the project is to deliver an enhanced and consistent student learning experience, as well as an efficient and satisfying experience for staff.

The WISE team has developed this process model for engaging WebLearn staff users in the process of re-thinking and re-designing their WebLearn sites:
WISE process diagram

We meet with departments to gather requirements, then we create prototype sites, with improved navigation, ‘look and feel’, and ease of use. Departments then build the content and other materials into the new sites, after which the sites are launched from a development area, to the live area in WebLearn. We continue to work with departments to evaluate the effectiveness of the new sites. This involves recruiting students to participate in one-on-one observations sessions, or focus groups, and providing feedback to the department concerned.

Although the project is now working at full capacity, we hope to be able to use a modified version of this model during regular support offered to departments by the WebLearn team.

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