WebLearn upgraded to Version 10-ox12 on 28 July 2016

WebLearn was upgraded  to version 10-ox12 on 28th July 2016. If you would like more details then please contact the Service Desk.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


  • The word “Meeting” has been changed to “Event” in the sign-up tool as this was felt to be more appropriate
  • We have removed the huge gaps between paragraphs in the Syllabus tool
  • One is now able to submit .PPTX (PowerPoint) files to Turnitin-enabled Assignments
  • Reading Lists (ORLiMS) – the SOLO ‘pop-up’ window which appears when one opts to search the library catalogue is now wider so there are no sideways scroll bars
  • Non logged in users can no longer see ‘publish (private)’ button on Calendars
  • New REST web service end point added to Hierarchy Service – this allows sub sites of the current site to be returned in JSON format
  • All Hierarchy Tools are now located in the main Tools menu – this is to prepare us for the move to WebLearn 11
  • Site Info now has a ‘search users’ facility (User Voice request)
  • Lessons Tool improvements (as part of the WISE project)
    • added a new component to show the latest Announcements (cf Home page Announcements display)
    • added a new component to display a Twitter Timeline (User Voice request)
    • added a new component to show a site Calendar (cf Home page Calendar display)
    • a Google document can now be embedded on a page within an iFrame
  • The Researcher Training Tool now asks for special requirements when signing up – these requirements are displayed to course administrators on the Module Management page
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