WebLearn v11-ox3 released on 29 November 2016

responsive-sakaiWebLearn was been upgraded to Version 11-ox3 on the morning on Tuesday 29th November, we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the disruption.


  • Images, iframe, videos and the like should now auto resize on a mobile
  • The “Tools & Subsites” menu on a mobile has a better design – it now matches other WebLearn menus and text is not truncated
  • Resources
    • The file upload limit is now set at 100MB – this means larger files can be uploaded without having to use WebDAV
    • The hyperlink to information about copyright (in Resources) now goes to a special Bodleian Libraries information page
    • One can no longer accidentally edit a Reading List whilst it is loading – this was causing problems
  • You can use the Lynda.com ‘video embed code’ within the Lessons tool and Forums – this makes it easier to use lynda.com videos as part of a course.
  • Lessons
    • Embedded calendars now shrink correctly when viewed on a mobile phone
    • “Blockquotes” are now displayed correctly
  • Surveys
    • can now be completed on a mobile phone
    • the “stepped display” now has the correct “tool tip” (ie, mouse-over) text
  • The ‘Select Login Route’ page now has the WebLearn logo
  • The Sign-Up tool “Reminder Email” now comes from meeting organiser
  • The Account Validation page (for external users) has been overhauled, it now
    • contains the WebLearn logo
    • has a password strength meter
    • only reports on password mismatch once two passwords have been entered
    • has a better layout with checkboxes aligned correctly
  • “My Home”
    • The “Account” page now has the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Update’ buttons in the expected order
    • Mentions of “My Workspace” have been changed to “My Home”
  • Long lists of Favourite sites now wrap in Internet Explorer
  • Fields in the “Contact Us” tool now have the correct all labels and the browser tab has a name
  • Calendar
    • The tool now has better colours
    • The “synoptic” calendar on the front page of a site (and in My Home) now uses the correct icons
    • The Oxford event types have been added back to the Calendar
  • Suspended students are now removed when the related Participant Group is removed
  • OXAM (the database of past exam papers) is now fully responsive, it will resize correctly on a mobile phone
  • The superfluous “Create New Site” links at the top right of every page have been removed
  • All links to the now defunct Mobile Oxford – WebLearn Gateway have been removed

In addition, all WebLearn work for the “Anonymous Essay Submission” project is now complete – watch this space for more information when the student data becomes available

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