Online submission of summative assessments in WebLearn

This post was written by Nicola Cooper-Harvey and appeared in the AAD news alert on 15 May 2017

Any colleagues wishing to move to online submission of summative assessments must take note of the following:

  • the relevant Examination Regulations must have been amended prior to the new academic year;
  • the assessments must adhere to the framework for online submissions agreed by Examinations Panel; and
  • they must use the centrally-provided WebLearn system.

A new facility has been created within WebLearn to enable anonymous submissions (identified by student candidate number, not by name). A special WebLearn site (called an ‘anonymous submissions’ (AS) site) needs to be allocated to manage summative online submissions and, if desired, marking.

Please email if you plan to move to online submissions for the 2017/18 academic year, and/or if you wish to attend a briefing session on the use of WebLearn to do this.


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