Secure Access to Additional Verification Sites

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If you intend to visit an Additional Verification (AV) site, it is essential that you follow procedure:

  1. Close your browser and make sure every single browser window has been closed. This may seem odd but it is very good practise to start afresh when accessing AV sites. Restart your browser.
  2. Switch to Private Browsing or InPrivate Browsing or open an Incognito window or tab or equivalent. If your browser does not support this then use one of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox:
    • Internet Explorer: Tools > InPrivate Browsing
    • Firefox: File > New Private Window
    • Google Chrome: ‘Settings’ (denoted by three horizontal parallel lines atthe top right of the browser) > New Incognito Window (or ctrl+shift+n)
    • Opera: Tabs and Windows > New Private Tab or Window
    • Safari: Safari > Private Browsing
  3. Make sure that whilst you are visiting an AV site you do not open another tab in the same browser unless it is another WebLearn AV site. If you need to look at another web site use a different browser.
  4. Visit WebLearn:
  5. Click on “Oxford Account” at the top right of the screen. You will be directed to the “Webauth login screen” enter your username and supply the relevant password, then click login. If you do not have an Oxford SSO account then you cannot access AV sites.
  6. You will see an intermediate page telling you that you are about to proceed to WebLearn; this page is referred to as the “Green Tick Page”. Click on the link in the grey box in the middle of the page. You should now be logged into WebLearn.
  7. Now, click on “My Active Sites” (top right) and under “Other” (first column) click on the relevant site (or whatever it is called).
  8. Click on the grey box in the middle of the page “Continue to Shibboleth Identity Provider”
  9. At this point a special code should be sent to your mobile phone by SMS – it is valid for 15 minutes
  10. Enter the access code into and click “Verify Code”. If you have problems or have waited too long, click “Request New Code”
  11. You should now be taken back to the WebLearn site, and should be able to browse, read and edit the site content.
  12. As soon as you are finished, logout of WebLearn and Webauth. Then close down your browser. Make sure every browser window has been closed.

This web page should explain other aspects of Additional Verification:

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