Mobile Oxford vs. AppGrad WebLearn ‘App’ – one clear winner!

mox-appsMobile Oxford provides the only fully supported WebLearn mobile application. This provides easy-access to a handful of the most popular areas of WebLearn, it also restricts the ability to remove material which is invaluable should the mobile device be lost or stolen.

Other ‘third party’ providers of apps (e.g. AppGrad) sometimes list WebLearn (and other University services such as Nexus) as one of their built in ‘features’. However, Oxford University IT Services has not tested or endorsed any such apps for use with Oxford Nexus, WebLearn…. and cannot vouch for their security in handling your username and password.  Remember that, if your password is compromised, someone could read and/or delete your emails and you could temporarily lose access to your account.

Be aware that apps such as AppGrad may also access other information on your phone or tablet such as all of your contact details.  What they are able to access will depend on the platform you are using.

Perhaps most importantly it doesn’t appear that AppGrad actually let Oxford SSO account holders to access WebLearn at all!  Our investigations show that the app simply takes you to the ‘Other Users’ login page – there is no way to leave this page and access the ‘Oxford Users’ login page.

In other words you would be better off just using a standard web-browser on your device!

Just because apps claim to integrate with University of Oxford Services doesn’t make it so and this can be misleading for users.


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