WebLearn upgraded to Version 2.10-ox8 & 2.10-ox8.1 – November / December 2015

WebLearn was upgraded during November and early December 2015 to version 2.10-ox8.1 (via 2.10-ox8). If you want more details then please contact the Service Desk.

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.


There have been many improvements to the Reading List tool, the vast majority of these have been funded by the Social Sciences Library’s ORLiMS project.

  • The “Description” of a Reading List’s (accessed from “Resources” via “Actions > Edit Details (Properties)”) is no longer displayed at the top of a reading list, it has been replaced by a special “Introduction” element which is composed on the “Edit Reading List” page. This brings reading lists into line with all other Resource items, eg, HTML pages, text documents and the like.
  • Electronic Citations can no longer be created without entering a value in the URL field.
  • The way that WebLearn links to SOLO records has been improved to give much better bibliographic and availability information, and an improved “electronic version” link – this was a major piece of work.
  • The “Search Resources” facility for linking to a file in Resources has been totally rewritten.

There have also been improvements to the Lessons tool

  • One can now upload new file to Resources when “linking to existing files” from a Lessons page.
  • “Upload New Version” functionality has been added for links to files in Resources.
  • The “Reorder” button has been moved to a more appropriate position.

Other improvements

  • Improvements have been made to the Course Group Browser (for adding “Participant Groups”) – it should no longer fail to display course groups at times of high system load.
  • We have fixed the bug that caused login problems after the University’s LDAP servers failed – we have implemented a better “LDAP failover” scheme.
  • The “User Audit Log” page in “Site Info” now displays the Username rather than the meaningless ‘User ID’
  • The hierarchy menu actions are now listed in full (rather than being hidden behind the “Arrange Sites” link)
  • The email address of an external account cannot be changed to an *.ox.ac.uk address
  • Emails sent by the “Forums” tool have a more informative subject line
  • A new “Multiple Boxes” template has been added to the HTML WYSIWYG editor

There have also been a number of improvements to the Researcher Training Tool, these include substituting the word ‘Module’ with ‘Course’, solving performance issues and fixing problems with email messages that are automatically sent out.

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