WebLearn upgraded to Version 2.10-ox10 during w/c 7 March 2016

WebLearn was upgraded  to version 2.10-ox10 during the week commencing 8th March 2016. If you would like more details then please contact the Service Desk

If you would like to suggest further improvements then please do so by contributing to the WebLearn User Voice feedback service.

Reading Lists (ORLiMS)

  • Reading lists are now copied between sites correctly, this includes site duplications, using “Imprort from Site” and copying using WebDAV. (Reading Lists can also be copied with a site.)
  • One cannot edit a reading list before all new items have been fully imported – this fixes a bug whereby citations were being deleted if the list was edited before all new items had been added
  • There is now a ‘Print Reading List’ link on the student view of a reading list
  • Students can now export a reading list in RIS format
  • Every reading list now shows the time and date that it was last updated (on the student view)
  • One can now export all items at once (in RIS format) on Edit Reading list page (staff view)

Other improvements

  • Unpublished, softly deleted sites now appear in the list of Softly Deleted sites in the Worksite Setup tool
  • Lessons Tool content is now indexed so items can be found by the Search Tool (User Voice request)
  • There are now ‘Continue’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons at both the top and bottom of the ‘Browse Resources’ page when adding content to Lessons or when linking to a file in Resources from within a Reading List
  • There is now a user option (tick box) to ‘Overwrite existing files’ on the Drag and Drop upload page in Resources
  • The start time of an assignment in the Assignments Tool is now pre-filled with the current time instead of 12:00
  • Researcher Training Tool: people on the waiting list no longer receive erroneous messages
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